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2017 Sale Information

A New Crop of Calves always brings new excitement. The more things change the more they stay the same. For the second year in a row our January and February calves were all bulls. That is great for the bull sales but not for our early heifer sales. These heifers are just too young to wean and put them through all the work it takes to get them ready for this early of a sale date. Our normal date of September 16-17 won't be our "bid-off". We will be able to show them in the pasture and invite anyone who wants to come. If you see anything you like, we can make a deal.

We are going to sell 30 bred cows and heifers this fall. Anything you would want. They are bred to SAL Bismarck, Lazy JB Tito and Ground Load. They start calving in January and finish the end of May.

We have several fancy "Style" heifers. He really worked out on our cows. We have 2 ET heifer calves out of our Proven Queen cow, that won her division in Denver in 2015.

We pride ourselves in using our own bulls and you will love these heifers.

Next year the NJAS is in Madison, WI. We would really like to get some good cattle in the show. We also have some steers for the show.

Soons we will start putting on line photo's of the heifers and steers.
Stop by or give us a call we are always ready to show our cattle off!


Fernvale Bulls

Purebred - calving ease - semen tested - yearling bulls. Ready to find a new home.
Long, sound and pasture ready. Sired by: Journey, Ground Load, Opportunist, Made in America


Fernvale Ground Load 157-475
Reg # 18223766

He has been our junior herd sire for two seasons. He comes off pasture on the same condition he is turned out in. Great disposition, great feet ,legs and impressive to look at.
In his first set of calves he had three heifers that made our sale in September. He has been 50K and has a great set of numbers.
"475" is a unique out cross bull by HF Prowler 43U and our youngest donor Fernvale Queen 475-175. The Queen family weans off more bull calves over 900 lbs. then any other cow family we own.
We have used him for two years and would like to sell him to a good herd. We are also retaining a 1/3 semen interest.
            Birth Weight                            80lbs.
            Adjusted Weaning Weight     905lbs.
            Adjusted Yearling Weight    1400lbs.



May Heifer # 650
Sired by Fernvale Tax Man

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