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In 1997, we had a complete and total dispersal of the herd. At that sale, we bought back four head of cattle representing three cow families - the Plowess, the Maries and the Lasses. Since then, we have added Everelda Entense, Blackcaps and Pollys.

Fernvale Plowess 002-8276
  The Plowess family came here in the mid 80's from the Herman Purdy herd in Huntington, Pennsylvania. Since then, some of the most popular Plowess are 203, 002 & 401. 203 was a very successful show heifer for Dana in the 2003 show season. Since then, her daughter and sons have proven to fill the needs of our customers. 203 has both a full sister and brother by 6807, which may be some of the most exciting progeny yet.

002, the dam of 203, may be one of the most powerful females in the Angus industry. Her predictability, regardless of the sire, makes her the jewel of Fernvale. She recently had a son and daughter sired by New Day. We are using the son and looking forward to showing the daughter - 267. She even had a good bull by Boyd Beefmaker.

The Blackcap family came here in 2000 from Conley family from Missouri. 212, sired by Emblazon, has proven to be extremely predictable producing several generations of extraordinary useful and productive cattle. We are still building off on this line, but haven't found anything they won't work with. Her daughter, Blackcap 412, had a very successful show carrier winning the "Trailer" at the Wisconsin State Fair as Grand Overall heifer in 05. Blackcap 512 will enter the ET program this summer. Her first calf was very successful this past show season.

Triple J Design of Foxcross was pruchased in Denver at the National Western show as the top-selling bull in 2002 for $25,000. He is the "all around" sire for consistency, quality, calving ease and carcass quality. We have successfully shown several daughters and several high-producing daughters in the herd. His legacy will be his son's calving ease and the daughters' production. Now leased by Accelerated Genetics.

Fernvale Plowess 002
Reg. #  13827852
  This summer we had to make the decision to put 002 down. She had shut down producing eggs and would not settle to carry a calf, oh what a run she had!

Her type, her disposition, her predictability, her legacy will live on in this herd forever.
Some of her accomplishments are still in the tank, but her daughters and granddaughters, sons and grandsons are making lasting impressions wherever they are.

Dana showed one of her more popular daughters who inturn became a very successful donor.
002 raised a natural bull calf that weaned an actual weight of 985 pounds. Several daughters are working in our herd and are as predictable as she was.

Everyone should get to own a cow as good as she was. She made beef business easy.

The focus profitability is directly related to predictability.

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